At E3 Theme Parks, your holiday begins long before you reach your destination. There is breathtaking scenery around every surprising bend and a cool promise of pure bliss in every whiff of mist. Drink in eyefuls of the beauty of the rolling valleys. Let the cool breeze ruffle your hair. Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins. Enjoy the beginnings of a holiday.
Nestled by the nature-endowed, picturesque hills of Wayanad, E3 Theme Parks awaits you with multi-fold excitement. Entertainment. Education. Environment. Of course, one couldn’t ask for more. South India’s first of its kind, E3 Theme Parks offers fulfilling recreation and has something in store for people of all ages. Let your hair down and unload your stress. Go back with a smile and a promise to yourself to come back for more.
Come in twosomes, foursomes or large groups with friends and extended family. This holiday destination offers enough opportunities for fun and frolic regardless of age, taste and disposition. So pack your backpack, put your sneakers on and get going!


E3 Theme Parks, located on the valleys of Wayanad, offers a unique package of excitement – entertainment, education and environment all rolled into one. Around 15 themes, well researched and tried out, are offered to satisfy an extensive variety of visitors of different age groups, genders, nativities, cultures and preferences. We make sure that we have enough to excite and delight every visitor.


E3 Theme Parks is committed to create, maintain and manage an eco-friendly theme park that offers a unique blend of knowledge and recreation in the backdrop of refreshing nature.


E3 Theme Parks envisages increasing involvement in activities for a greater cause and leading innovations with an aim to enhance the well-being of the society while protecting the interests of all stakeholders.


E3 stands for Education, Entertainment and Environment, the three strong pillars supporting the values and ideals of the company. E3 Theme Parks educates through entertainment in a refreshing, relaxing nature-endowed setting.


With the growing opportunities for tourism in Kerala, the sector is soaring up with novel concepts matching international quality and standards. The recent government policies are also supportive of investment in this sector. This presents great potential for growth and expansion of E3 Theme Parks. If it appeals to the investor in you, we welcome you to look at the possibility of joining our dynamic band of futuristic investors. One who invests will become the member of WGGI LLP who owns the project and its properties, and hence enjoys all powers and responsibilities of a shareholder by law. This adds another E – earnings – to the foundational pillars – education, entertainment and environment. We urge you to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.