Action-Zone-Theme park in kerala

Action Zone

Kids Multi Play Station

To top all the excitements and fun at the E3 Theme Parks, we also offer you a complimentary entry into the Kids Multi Play Station. You can let the kids loose at the play station and leave them to enjoy all the fun. The games at the play station are well chosen to help improve the dexterity and reflexes of the kids.

Air Hockey

Enjoy some fun fights and fast action! Test your agility and focus. Air hockey is good for the body, mind and brain. A game of air hockey at the E3 Theme Parks works wonders with building team relationships, enhancing group dynamics and reducing stress levels.


Kids can release some of their pent up energy and grownups can loosen up their muscles with an aggressive game of basketball. Relax your mind and brain. Go back to school, college or office, fully re-energised and rejuvenated.


Enjoy a game of cricket with your group or with other visitors at the park. There’s nothing like a game of cricket to break the ice and unwind. Whether it’s among adults or kids, or with colleagues, friends or family, cricket is a guaranteed stress buster.

Bungee Trampoline

Defy the power of gravity. Get a feel of flying in the air. Try some flips, twists and turns, if you have the stomach for it. We have the best equipment, harnesses and gears put together to ensure ultimate safety. So go for it, rather soar for it!

Bumping Cars

Let loose the kid in you. Go crazy behind the wheel! Bump into infinite fun and frolic. Step on the gas, rather, pedal, for unlimited laughter and mirth. Get thrown into uncontrollable spins and swirls. The experience will leave you craving for more.

12D Theatre ( INR 50 + Entry Ticket)

Don’t just watch a movie, experience it. Let surprises jolt you at every turn. Allow the power-packed action to jerk you out of your seat. Let the light and sound effects make you jump out of your skin. Don’t watch the movie, be the movie!

Allow the kids to let out their pent up energy. Join them in the fun. Give in to the rides and runs. You may shed a few numbers in terms of both weight and age!